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NeoWebScript™ Credits

  • Karl Lehenbauer (karl@neosoft.com)

    Creator of NeoWebScript™, original author of mod_neoscript.c and all of the initial Tcl code, which implements the NeoWebScript™ commands. Also for co-authoring Extended Tcl, and authoring the NeoSoft™ Tcl extensions included in the source directory as neoX.X.

  • Randy Kunkee (kunkee@neosoft.com)

    For debugging mod_neoscript.c, finding some of those subtle little bugs that made the web server crash and making the module stable enough that it hardly ever crashes. Randy also played a big role in the development of Postgres, GD, Unknown and other packages and extensions.

  • *Damon Courtney (damon@neosoft.com)

    For many contributions to the core code, a lot of bug finding and patching. Development of new applications and procedures. Managing the 3.0+ releases and helping clean-up the installs.

    Current maintainer of the NeoWebScript™ module.

  • Eugene Lee (eugene@neosoft.com)

    For updating mod_neoscript.c and other NeoWebScript™ modules to Apache 1.2.x, implementing the new server-side NeoWebScript™ tags, simplifying MIME uploads, lots of code review, and the usual bug-fixing.

  • George Porter (gporter@neosoft.com)

    For many contributions to the core code, for writing a port to the Windows™ platform, and for writing various commands and tutorials. Worked heavily on the 3.1+ releases to fix the installation and make it really clean. The first user of NeoWebScript (then NeoScript).

  • Barbara Pearce (bj@neosoft.com)

    For captaining the overall development of the whole NeoWebScript project. For keeping the NeoWebScript Group on target and focused, and giving us general direction for the project. Without her, none of this would exist.

  • Herb Smith (hsmith@neosoft.com)

    For the NeoWebScript™ documentation, the shopping cart, multiple demonstration revisions, and lots of user hand-holding.

  • Horace Vallas (hav@hav.com)

    For neotrack and named counters.

  • Mark Diehkans

    Co-author of Extended Tcl.

  • Keith Bostic

    For the database routines used to support the dbstore/dbfetch commands.

  • Christopher Sedore (cmsedore@maxwell.syr.edu)

    For his Tcl extensions for Windows NT, including his system extensions and ODBC extensions.

  • Nathaniel Borenstein

    For inventing Safe Tcl, the basis for a secure NeoWebScript™ interpreter that can be used by untrusted individuals.

  • Thomas Boutell

    For writing gd, a graphics library to generate dynamic GIFs.

  • Spencer W. Thomas

    For Gd Tcl, the Tcl interface to gd.

  • John Ousterhout

    Inventor of Tcl.

    * Active member of the NeoWebScript Group